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Hundreds of IFT members and retirees traveled to Springfield to participate in IFT Lobby Day on May 3 to tell legislators to do the right thing on public pensions and other key issues being addressed this legislative session. AFT Local 604 had nine representatives that met with legislators.
“When we speak with one powerful voice as IFT members, we impact the important decisions made on issues that affect our professions and those we serve," said IFT President Dan Montgomery. “IFT Lobby Day is a terrific opportunity to come together and make our collective voice heard.”
Pensions topped the Lobby Day agenda, as IFT members expressed their concerns about possible pension changes during a pre-lobby briefing. As early as this week, lawmakers could consider legislation that would cut public pensions for IFT members in the state systems. The IFT and legal experts, including Illinois Senator John Cullerton's Chief Legal Counsel Eric Madair, believe any attempts to diminish public employee pensions would be unconstitutional.


  Effective on August 17, 2009, the Illinois Pension Code allows a limited opportunity to purchase credit for service as a teacher (K-12) or administrator in a recognized Illinois private school. Post-secondary institutions are not included. Retired members may not purchase this service. You must apply for this credit in writing on or before August 1, 2012.


Pension Modernization Task Force

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A new report released by the Pension Modernization Task Force shows that Illinois’ current pension system is actually more affordable than retirement benefits provided by comparable companies in the private sector.

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